U Boat Trolley

A 6-wheeled logistics platform cart designed specifically for narrow supermarket warehouse aisles to improve warehouse turnover efficiency and safety, and to easily transport goods.

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Core functionality


Carrying goods in a narrow aisle.

Easy to operate

Capable of making easy turns and controlling the direction of the vehicle.


Able to quickly move heavier loads of cargo.


Able to save time and labor costs.


The six-wheel design provides better stability and balance, ensuring safer transportation of goods.


The heavy-duty construction and high-capacity load-bearing ability enable the transportation of heavier loads of cargo.

Swivel casters

Easy to maneuver and control direction quickly, increasing work efficiency

1External Dimension1240mm400mm1500mm
2Standard ColorWhite (9003)
3MaterialMetal + PP
4Self-weightApprox. 32kg
5Surface TreatmentElectrostatic spraying
6Load Capacity300kg
7Size of Caster 14 swivel casters, 4 inches each
8Size of Caster 22 fixed casters, 6 inches each
9Plastic Board Size1250mm*410mm
10Size of Left and Right Panels1400mm400mm1.5mm
11Color of Side PanelsWhite

our service

High Customizability and Flexibility”

“Can be personalized designed based on your needs. The length, width, and material of the side panels, as well as the size, style, and functionality of the wheels, can all be tailored to your requirements. We are able to provide customized solutions for you.”

Competitive Pricing”

“We offer competitive prices to help you maximize cost savings. Our products are not only reasonably priced but also of excellent quality.”

After-sales Service”

“We also provide comprehensive after-sales service, including installation, maintenance, and upkeep support for your six-wheel platform cart.”