Platform Ladder

The sedan chair is the best choice for high-altitude work in supermarkets, meeting the needs of high-altitude maintenance and stocking, and improving work efficiency.

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Core functionality


To meet the high demands of the supermarket work that must be completed.


Scissor lifts can provide a more stable and efficient working platform, reducing the risk of injury


With just one operator, the scissor lift can be easily moved, making high-altitude operations more efficient.


The elevated work platform can fulfill greater height requirements and weight-bearing capabilities.

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The height of the elevated platform of the scissor lift ranges from 150cm to 250cm, which is suitable for the majority of supermarket shelving spaces. Additionally, we can customize the specifications of the scissor lift according to your needs.

Our scissor lift is designed ergonomically with a stair width ranging from 30 to 50, making it suitable for employees of different heights. This ensures that employees have a better experience and higher efficiency while using the scissor lift.

This elevated platform truck has a maximum carrying capacity of 300 kilograms, providing sufficient load capacity. Equipped with high-quality wheels and braking system, it offers adequate safety protection for workers performing high-altitude operations while moving and replenishing shelves.

We have equipped the aerial work platform with anti-slip platform, handrails, and surrounding guardrails to ensure the safety of the aerial work operators during use.

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High Customizability and Flexibility

We offer highly customizable and flexible Platform Ladders that can be personalized to meet your specific needs, fulfilling different supermarkets’ height requirements.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitively priced products that help you maximize cost savings. Our products are not only reasonably priced but also of excellent quality.

After-Sales Service

We also provide comprehensive after-sales services, including installation, maintenance, and upkeep of your shelves, to offer you full support.

Product NameSpecifications (L x W x H)Number of Steps
0.6m Platform Ladder500 x 450 x 900mm2 steps
0.75m Platform Ladder680 x 450 x 1100mm3 steps
1.3m Platform Ladder1100 x 550 x 1900mm6 steps
1.5m Platform Ladder1400 x 600 x 2200mm6 steps
1.8m Platform Ladder1600 x 700 x 2600mm7 steps
2.0m Platform Ladder1800 x 700 x 2800mm8 steps
2.5m Platform Ladder2000 x 800 x 3300mm10 steps
3.0m Platform Ladder2500 x 800 x 3800mm12 steps