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Convenient high-shelf operation, improved employee productivity and safety, and adaptability to different supermarket scenarios.

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Core functionality


Improve employee safety by reducing the work risks and injuries caused by climbing, lifting, and other operations.


Reduce labor intensity and save time for employees, improve work efficiency and accuracy, and ensure timely replenishment of shelves.


Select vehicles with different sizes and loading capacities according to the different needs of supermarkets, adapt to different product and scene requirements.


Provide stable support and mobility function, with a ladder for convenient access to high shelves for operation.

function display

Our cart products have high load-bearing capacity to meet the needs of different supermarkets. The load-bearing capacity ranges from 150 to 300 kilograms, which can meet the requirements of most supermarkets. We use high-strength steel and other high-quality materials to manufacture the frames and other components of the carts. Our carts have undergone strict testing and inspection to withstand high loads while ensuring safety and stability.

Height and safety are two very important indicators for carts with ladders.
The height ranges from 1.8 to 2.2 meters, which can meet the needs of most supermarkets. If customers need a higher ladder height, we can customize it according to their requirements. To ensure the safety of employees when using our carts, our carts with ladders are equipped with non-slip ladder surfaces and stable support structures, ensuring stability and safety during the operation. In addition, our carts are also equipped with handrails and safety bars to ensure the safety of employees when going up and down the ladder.

Our carts with ladders are equipped with high-quality wheels and braking systems to ensure stability and safety during movement and stopping. With flexible steering performance, they can be easily operated in narrow spaces. The efficient braking system ensures stability and safety when the cart is stopped.

our services

customization service can help customers design and produce customized carts with ladders that meet their specific needs.

We can also provide customers with specific material and quality requirements. Customers can choose the materials and quality of the vehicle based on their own needs, such as steel, aluminum, or other materials, to meet their specific usage

We can also provide customized wheels and braking systems for our customers. They can choose different types of wheels and braking systems based on their specific usage scenarios to ensure the stability and mobility of the vehicle.

In addition to the customization options mentioned above, we can also provide other customization services based on the specific needs of our customers. For example, we can design customized shelves or compartments to ensure that the vehicle meets their specific logistics requirements. We can

We can provide customers with ladders equipped carts of different sizes and load capacities to meet various scenarios and needs. Our engineers can design and customize the height, width, depth, ladder height, and other parameters of the vehicle according to the customer’s requirements and usage scenarios, ensuring that every detail meets the customer’s expectations and requirements.

Shelf heights200/825/1445MaterialPipe material profile steel
Article arrangementNewWheels front2 fixed wheels solid rubber 160 mm
TypeFetra order picking trolleySubgroupOrder Picking trolley
VersionWith stairs / foldableWheels back2 castor wheels solid rubber with wheel locks 160 mm
ColourBlueRal colour5007
Surface treatmentPowdercoatingLength (mm)1320
Internal length (mm)1000Width (mm)610
Internal width (mm)600Height (mm)1880
Loading capacity (kg)250Weight (kg)64

optional accessories