Roll Container

Improving the internal logistics efficiency of the supermarket, providing a safe, sturdy, and stable platform for loading a large amount of goods, and easily moving to facilitate the rapid transfer of items to designated locations.

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Core functionality


Efficiently and securely handling commodity turnover.


Suitable for stacking at heights that are too high or inconvenient to move with traditional pallets, improving the turnover efficiency and safety of goods.

function display

It can easily load a large number of goods, with a maximum weight capacity of up to 500kg.

It is suitable for different usage scenarios such as supermarkets and warehouses; it can accommodate a large amount of goods and is easy to handle; the size is moderate, and it will not take up too much space.

Smooth and sturdy platform, capable of carrying a large amount of goods, with the option to add a traction device for safe and centralized turnover of multiple trolleys.

Equipped with safety guardrails and handrails, convenient for securing goods, and can be fitted with single or double doors for goods at risk of falling.

Adjustable shelves to accommodate goods of different sizes and shapes. Mesh partitions can be added for goods that are afraid of pressure.

The empty trolley can be folded and stacked to save storage space and facilitate transportation.

Assurance of mobility and safety: Wheels and brakes
Made of large and high-strength materials, the trolley features wear resistance, durability, and high pressure resistance, capable of withstanding large loads and having a long service life. The wheels also have diverse designs, adaptable to different types of surfaces such as smooth floors, tiles, and concrete floors, and can run more smoothly on different terrains. A customizable swivel wheel system can easily turn and move, especially in narrow spaces and busy places.
The foot pedal brake design is simple to operate, allowing users to control the trolley more conveniently, stop it more smoothly, and prevent it from slipping on slopes.

our service

Our logistics trolleys offer customized services, and we can design and produce logistics trolleys suitable for specific application scenarios according to our customers’ needs and requirements. The following are the characteristics and advantages of our customized services:

Fully customized according to customer needs

Our logistics trolley customization service can design and produce logistics trolleys that meet specific application scenarios based on our customers’ needs and requirements. Customers can select the size, material, color, functional configuration, and other aspects of the logistics trolley to ensure that it meets specific usage requirements.

Customizable materials and colors:

We can provide multiple material and color options to meet our customers’ various needs. We can also provide different color coatings to meet our customers’ specific branding needs and requirements.

Unique functional configurations:

Our customization service can provide customized functional configurations based on our customers’ specific needs and requirements. For example, customers can request specific attachments, such as push bars, shelves, bucket racks, safety railings, etc., to better adapt to specific application scenarios.

Professional technical support:

We have a professional technical team and experienced designers who can provide comprehensive technical support and consulting services. We can work with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements, provide professional advice and solutions to ensure that they meet specific usage requirements.