Maximizing Profit with These Effective Produce Merchandising Tips

As a grocery store owner, you know how important your store’s produce department is for setting the tone of a customer’s shopping experience. It’s typically the first place customers go when entering a store, so it should be easy to navigate and inviting. Knowing about fresh produce merchandising can help you create a successful produce department and become the favorite grocery store of your customers.

At SEM Products, we’re a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality produce display systems. We understand that your produce department is the heart of your grocery store and how important optimizing this department can be. Here are some of our best produce merchandising tips to help you make the most of your produce department, regardless of its size.

Focus on Freshness and Visual Interest
Your produce’s freshness and how it’s displayed go a long way toward enticing customers to buy it. Ensure that your staff is adequately trained to rotate produce to reduce spoilage. Also, consider unique ways to sell products that may be nearing the end of their lifespan. Merchandising discounted produce items in a dedicated area can alert customers to bargain prices and avoid less-than-optimal produce being placed next to your freshest inventory.

Lean Into Seasonal Features and Events
In-season and local produce offer you an opportunity to highlight beautiful produce and draw in your customers. Consider highlighting a produce item that is in season or has been sourced locally through thoughtful displays. Also, consider celebrating holidays and cultural events with your customers by having traditional produce in stock and displayed in a way that recognizes the holiday in question.

Utilize Displays to Make Produce Shine
Produce display systems can also play a significant role in boosting the appearance of your grocery store. Look for produce display racks and produce display stands that help to show off the natural beauty of your produce. Even “B-grade” produce can look beautiful and enticing with the right storage solution.

Ensure Your Store is Accessible
Always keep the accessibility of your store in mind so that everyone can easily maneuver the aisles and find what they are looking for. By having an easy-to-shop produce department, your customers may be more likely to spend time in it rather than rush to complete their shopping list. A custom-designed produce display system can make a tremendous difference in making stores of all sizes more accessible.

Fresh produce merchandising works best when a store is designed to suit the needs of its customers and department staff alike. If you’re looking to improve your produce department, starting with the display solutions is a smart place to start. At SEM Products, we can help you design and create a custom display system that meets the specific needs of your grocery store.