Gondola shelving

Gondola shelving is the optimal solution for supermarkets to achieve perfect displays by utilizing the flexible properties of the shelves to orderly showcase products with different attributes.

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Core functionality


The whole unit is detachable and easy to install, allowing for free disassembly and assembly according to needs.


the height of the shelves can be adjusted according to different product types.


The back panel can be equipped with accessories such as perforated panels and hooks, allowing for the display of various different products.


The shelves can be used separately or combined in a row to fully utilize the space.

function display

Our shelves can be disassembled and installed by just one person, providing you with flexible layout adjustments and increasing the efficiency of optimizing product display.

gondola shelf assembly
Supermarket display design

By adjusting the height of the shelves, the display needs of different products can be met, making it very suitable for displaying a variety of products in supermarkets. Each shelf can bear a maximum weight of about 60kg, making it suitable for almost all supermarket products, whether they are cleaning products, food and beverages. The Gondola shelving can be adjusted to create a suitable structure to meet the display needs.

Gondola shelving is the most suitable product for displaying kitchenware and hardware tools, as it can provide solutions that meet both flat and hanging display needs. Various utensils can be displayed flat, while spoons and other items can be hung for display, allowing related products to be harmoniously displayed together and optimizing the shopping experience.

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If you need to place shelving against the wall, we recommend choosing
single-sided shelving. Double-sided shelving can be used in other areas
to increase opportunities for displaying merchandise and improve space

If space permits, we recommend using end-cap shelving to increase opportunities for displaying merchandise. End-cap shelving can be equipped with protective netting to prevent merchandise from falling.

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Customizability and Flexibility

We offer highly customizable Gondola shelves that can be tailored to your needs in terms of size, color, material and thickness of the shelves and accessories, as well as the number of layers.

Competitive Pricing

We provide competitive pricing to help you minimize costs. Our products not only come at reasonable prices, but also with excellent quality.

After-Sales Service

We also provide comprehensive after-sales service, including installation, maintenance and support for your shelving needs.

We recommend using our accessories such as shelves dividers, hooks, bread baskets, signage and protective netting to better display and organize your goods. We offer a variety of accessories that can be combined to suit your