Fruit and vegetable display rack

The fruit and vegetable display rack provides a flexible, efficient, and adjustable way to display and organize products, maximizing product display in limited space and enhancing sales and customer experience.

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Core functionality

Optimized display

Organize a large variety of fruits and vegetables to maximize their display within limited space.


Quickly adjust and change product displays during busy business hours.


Adapt to various shapes, sizes, and weights of fruits and vegetables, and provide flexible display and organization methods.

function display

Quick adjustment to maximize the use of space.

Efficiently store and display merchandise to increase sales and enhance customer experience.

Easily move and rearrange display shelves to meet specific needs and customer flow in supermarkets.

our service

We recommend using the accessories we provide, such as display baskets, display stands,
signage, produce trays, etc., to better showcase and organize your merchandise. We offer
a variety of accessories that can be combined according to your needs.

We offer custom services to design and manufacture display shelves according to the
specific needs of different supermarkets, in order to maximize the display and sales
of fruits and vegetables.

Our products come with detailed user manuals and installation
videos to help supermarkets install and use the display shelves more

We provide professional after-sales service. If you encounter
any problems while using our display shelves, please feel free
to contact us and we will provide you with a solution as soon
as possible.

Product ParametersDescription
Product NameSimple Combination Fruit and Vegetable Rack
Weight Capacity60KGS/per shelf
Shipping LocationChina
MaterialSteel-wood combination
Shipping Time7-15 days/partial standard specifications are available for immediate delivery
Bracket Color
Shelf Thickness18mm
Shelf ColorWater curly pattern/Walnut pattern, etc.
Shipping MethodLogistics/Express delivery
Applicable RangeSupermarkets/malls/farmers markets/fruit and vegetable stores, etc.
Interchangeable ShelvesYes
StyleFashionable, practical, and convenient
Product Features1. Fashionable: simple, delicate and beautiful; 2. Flexible: free combination, adjustable, and neat display to attract customers. 3. Sturdy: ample materials, rigorous craftsmanship, stable and durable; 4. Convenient: easy transportation, simple installation.

Product Ordering Instructions:

1.Provide on-site measurements and real-life photos

To better assist customers in selecting suitable products, we recommend that customers provide on-site measurements and real-life photos. Our designers can arrange layouts and renderings based on this information to provide customers with reference layouts and styles.

2.Production cycle for in-stock and customized products

We have in-stock products that can be shipped within 72 hours. If custom products are required, it usually takes 7-10 days of the production cycle (excluding logistics and transportation time). Before purchasing, customers need to confirm the specifications, quantity, and production cycle of the products.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.Size error

As our products are handmade, there may be differences in size between different batches. In addition, due to different measurement methods, size errors between 1-3 centimeters are within the normal range.

2.Packaging methods

We use different packaging methods to adapt to different types of products. Large items are usually packaged in wooden boxes, iron brackets are wrapped in bubble wrap. Wooden products are packaged in kraft paper boxes, and small and lightweight products are packaged in cardboard boxes.

3.Receiving attention

When receiving the goods, please carefully check whether the integrity, quantity, and waybill of the outer packaging are consistent. If there are problems such as damage to the outer packaging, missing items, or incorrect packaging methods, please contact us immediately before signing, so that we can deal with them in time.

4.About color difference

Due to factors such as monitors, cameras, and lighting, there may be slight differences between the color of the product and the actual color. We will try our best to make the product pictures match the actual product color, but there is still a certain possibility of color difference. If customers have special requirements for color, please inform us in advance. We will try our best to meet customer needs.


What type of cargo can be stored on plastic pallets?

Answer: Plastic pallets can be used to store various types of cargo, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other products, as long as they meet the weight capacity and requirements of the pallets.

How much weight can a plastic pallet hold?

Answer: The weight capacity of a plastic pallet depends on its size, material, and design. It is important to check the specifications of a specific pallet model before purchasing to ensure it can meet your storage needs.

Are plastic pallets stackable?

Answer: Yes, many plastic pallets are designed to be stackable for efficient storage. However, it is important to check the specifications of a specific pallet model to confirm its stackability.

Can plastic pallets be used in damp or wet environments?

Answer: Yes, some plastic pallets are designed to be moisture-resistant and suitable for use in damp or wet environments. However, it is important to choose a pallet with proper material and design for specific requirements.

Are plastic pallets recyclable?

Answer: Yes, plastic pallets can be recycled, but it depends on the type of plastic material used and the local recycling regulations.